Art & Culture

Pride in community, fostering harmony

Art and culture are stepping stones to dialogue and discourse. By supporting programs that present and preserve Islamic culture in Australian society we aim to create more opportunities for conversation, connection, and community. 


Islamic Museum of Australia

Providing educational and cross-cultural experiences, the Islamic Museum of Australia showcases the artistic and cultural heritage of Muslims in Australia and Muslim societies abroad.

It aims to foster harmony and facilitate an understanding of the values and contributions of Muslims to Australian society. 

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University of Melbourne Grimwade Centre

We’ve partnered with the University of Melbourne’s Grimwade Centre to preserve significant manuscripts dating back to 13th Century.

These manuscripts include Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Hadith by ‘Ibrāhīm ibn Muḥammad ibn, as well as the famous 13th-century Persian poet, Ahmad Ali who transcribed the text in 1036 H.A (1836) for Charles Marriott Caldecott.

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Al Firdaus Ensemble 

Al Firdaus is a musical ensemble with a unique sound and an impactful purpose.

Consisting of members from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds, theirs is a distinctive blend of Western classical, Celtic, Arabic, Turkish, Andalusian and Flamenco influences.

They believe music can act as a bridge between cultures and aim to help spread peace through their performances.  

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Our continued support of these initiatives relies on the generous backing of our partners, donors, and corporate sponsors. 

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